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Wholesale Banking

Deposit and Investment Protection System

From the day of entry of the Slovak Republic into the European Union, 1 May 2004, ING Bank N.V., pobočka zahraničnej banky (further only as “ING”) as a branch of the Dutch bank ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam, became a branch in a member state of the EU. In connection with this, the participation of ING in the Slovak deposit and investment protection system was terminated as of 30 April 2004 and starting 1 May 2004, ING became a partaker of the Dutch deposit and investment compensation system.

ING shall provide information about Deposit Guarantee Scheme, that ensures the protection of funds entrusted with ING, the rules of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, rules for compensation under this scheme and information about Investor Compensation Scheme on this web page.



This information does not include all detailed rules of Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Investor Compensation Scheme and is provided for informational purposes only. For further information and afterwards for the regulations in force please visit the web pages:

  • www.dnb.nl, or directly here (Deposit Guarantee Scheme information)
  • www.dnb.nl, or directly here (Investor Compensation Scheme information)

The terms and definitions used in this information shall be interpreted according to the Dutch law and the information provided by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and other competent authorities. Regarding to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Investor Compensation Scheme the actual Dutch legislation shall be the decisive one over any information provided by ING on these web pages. ING does not guarantee the accuracy of nor the completeness of the information provided via web pages set out above.